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How To Make Money By Making Quick And Fun Affiliate Videos!

If you're not making videos yet, you're leaving TONS of money on the table. Video is the fastest growing way people are getting their information online - and the best part is that it's not only fun to do, it's very profitable!

In this section I'm going to be giving you various resources to use as well as tips and tricks on how to make the best videos possible.

1) So first, if you really want to get into making videos (which I HIGHLY recommend) - check out what I consider to the best BEST way to do that...

The Flip Video Mino

It's $159 with free shipping from Amazon and it's so easy to use it's ridiculous. You literally press a red button, shoot the video, press the button again, and plug the video right onto your computer. You even have the option to upload it straight to a few different video sites!

By the way they also have less expensive Flip camcorders which do almost the same thing, so go check out that link and see what is best for you. If not, just use a regular digital camera or even a webcam.

2) So now that you have that, you should also bookmark this website -

With Tube Mogul you can actually send your video to a variety of different sites in under 5 minutes. It's completely free and works like a charm!

So if you've been following my suggestions and already made yourself a blog, at the end of your video just send people to your blog where you're promoting the Hassle Free Fat Loss program, so you can start making commissions!

Here's An Even EASIER Way To Get Straight Affiliate Commissions

Another "ninja" trick you could do is simply buy a domain name such as, then redirect that domain to your affiliate link.

Send people in your videos to your redirected domain name and voila - you'll start making easy money making videos!

More tips and tricks to come, but for now that should help you out!


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