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Creating Squidoo Lenses For Massive Affiliate Profits!

If you're writing articles (which I highly recommend) - squidoo should be one of the places you write articles for.

Squidoo is very quickly becoming a powerhouse for Google rankings, as you may have seen if you type in pretty much any search term. They're always in the top 20, and usually in the top 10!

So obviously, you should be taking advantage of that :)

In the future I'm going to show you a video showing exactly how to create a new squidoo lens, but it's pretty simple so for now, just find a "main" keyword along with a few sub-keywords, go to, and start posting!

Here's what I mean by main and sub keywords.

Main Keyword - six pack abs

Sub keywords - how to get six pack abs, rapid six pack abs, fast six pack abs, washboard abs, etc.

Use the main keyword in the name of your squidoo lens, then sprinkle your sub keywords throughout the lense as you create new articles.

And, of course, make sure you're linking back to the Hassle Free Fat Loss main site and including some pictures of the product so that you can make some affiliate commissions!

How Many Squidoo Lenses Should I Make?

I would suggest doing exactly what I said - find a main keyword and a few sub keywords. Then write a few articles within each "main keyword" lense, and publish it.

Then move onto the next main keyword and sub keywords.

I would try to find a minimum of 3 sub keywords to write about, and write 1 article for each keyword. They DON'T all have to have to contain the same keywords as the main keyword.

For example, if your main keyword is "fat loss" one of your sub keywords might be "lose fat fast". Search engines are looking for relevancy and themes, not exact matches.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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