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How To Get Your Affiliate Hoplink 

Once you've created an account at Clickbank and are ready to receive your commissions, the next thing you must do is learn how to create your affiliate hoplink.

This is the link you're going to use to send people to my landing page. When they click your link, something called a "cookie" will set on their computer which lets Clickbank know that you're the person that referred them to my site.

Then, if they buy my product, you get a 75% commission!

So here's how to do it:

1. Create a hoplink

Your hoplinks should be targeted to the top level of the current window and should be in the following format:

This is what it looks like in html:

<a href=""
     target=_top>CLICK HERE</a>

Here's how to make it work...

  • Replace AFFILIATE with your affiliate Nickname
  • Replace PUBLISHER with the publisher Nickname
  • Replace CLICK HERE with any promotional text or image you prefer

For example, to make a hoplink to the Marketplace, use "Marketplace" as the PUBLISHER name in your hoplink:

Be sure to replace "AFFILIATE" with your own ClickBank affiliate Nickname.

To open a hoplink in a new window set the target attribute of the hoplink to "_blank". Here's an example:

<a href=""
     target=_blank>Click Here!</a>

Or to make it even easier for you...just go here to make your affiliate link in just a few seconds, plus have the option of creating a tracking code!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at Jeremy @

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