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How To Make Money By Making Spending Just A Few Minutes Per Day Posting To Forums!

NOTE: Towards the bottom of this page I have 5 sample signature ads you can copy/paste using your own affiliate link to make money just by posting in forums!

Want to make some REALLY easy money doing something you probably already do?

Then just go into various forums around the web, create a signature with one of the signature files I'm giving you below, and watch the traffic come in!

However there are a few rules you should follow when posting to forums:

1) Be Helpful - Instead of going in and spamming the forum which will just get you kicked out, actually try to add some value to the conversation. This will make people trust you which in turn will make them click in your signature ad and make you money.

2) Post Often - Think about this...if you regularly visit just 5 forums and post a single post each and every day, at the end of the year you'll have a total of  1,820 total posts - all giving you the chance for people to see your ad and click on the website, making you money. Don't you think it's worth it to spend just a few minutes per day doing this for those kind of results?

3) Don't Make Enemies - Although this is tempting because a lot of people on forums aren't the most solid-minded people you'll ever meet and love to start arguments, please don't do it. This will get you kicked out of forums faster than anything and if people see you fighting all the time, they won't click on your ads. However, it IS ok to start conversations that bring in some lively discussion!

So, where do you find forums to post in?

Well you're actually lucky because fat loss is a very universal topic - especially with women.

My suggestion is that instead of finding weight loss and fat loss forums where people are more likely to think they're right and that they know it all, try to find forums by typing some of the following words into a search engine:

Personal Development Forum
Self Improvement Forum
Internet Marketing Forum
Stay At Home Mom Forum
Stay At Home Dad Forum
Etc. Etc.

What you're doing by using that technique is finding a niche you're interested in, and going to forums in that niche.

Think about who the target market is, and find where they are! Doing it this way will give you A LOT less competition and although it's not "quite" as targeted as say, a weight loss forum, the smaller amount of competition will more than make up for it!

Sample Signature Ads

Want you signature ads to stick out more? Look at the sites background color, and use a contrasting color so it sticks out!

1) Learn why this 22 year old injured restaurant server "shunned" fitness experts and lost 25 pounds by "barely" dieting!

2) Discover why this 22 year old overweight server lost 25 pounds when he STOPPED listening to fitness "experts"!

3)  Can you REALLY lose weight and keep it off permanently while still eating the foods you love? Find out here!

4)  Did you know that the majority of "common sense" fat loss tips aren't true? The proof is definintely in the here to see the pudding!

5)  What if you could lose weight WITHOUT following dozens of fat loss rules that "supposedly" help you burn fat? The good news is, you can! -

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