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Using Ezines To Create A Massive Windfall Of Cash Selling My Fat Loss Program

Below I'm giving you a few samples of ezine ads you can use to sell the Hassle Free FatLoss program by submitting the ads to various ezines around the web.

Obviously you can try using your own ads - these are just for starters. In fact, it might even be better for you to edit these samples just a little bit becuase if you're sending the exact same message to an ezine that they've already seen, your response will be lower.

So before you actually get the ezine ad samples, let me give you a few tips on ezine advertising.

1) Where To Advertise? - Instead of going only for weight loss ezines, find ezines where people would also be interested in losing weight. For example, personal development ezines are a great place because people involved in personal development and self-improvement are usually trying to make ALL parts of their lives better, including their health.

2) Which Spot Should You Advertise In? - Instead of getting classified ads which are cheaper, opt for Solo or Top Sponsor ads. Although more expensive, they're seen by A LOT more eyeballs giving you a much better chance at creating a profit.

3) Make Sure You're Tracking It! - Using Clickbanks tracking feature you can easily track how many sales you make and compare that to how much you spent. If you're making more than you're spending, simply keep finding more ezines and find at least 5-10 you're making a profit with and keep submitting to those ezines!


1) - Serious about using ezines? I highly suggest taking a look at this site.
2) Various ezine ads are coming!
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